19 posts from day 16/10/2017

Christmas Pud-fins

A cross between a Christmas pudding and a muffin – these moist Pud-fins are perfect single portion sizes and will allow your little one to practice their pincer grip as they pick up small pieces of dried fruit from the Pud-fin. For adults, these are delicious served with a generous dollop of brandy butter, or whipped cream to add that extra special Christmas feel! Continue Reading

Christmas Rock Cakes

This is a delicious treat for the whole family in between festive feasts! You can serve plain or with cinnamon butter for younger members of the family, or with a spread of mincemeat and brandy butter for older members of the family. Continue Reading

Comforting Leftover Crispy Bake

This dish is a great way of using up leftovers and is suitably warming for those cold winter evenings. The meat and vegetables in this recipe can be replaced with any leftovers that you’d like to use up. Continue Reading

Gammon and Vegetable Gratin

This delicious dish can convert even the strongest of sprout-haters. However, you could substitute the sprouts for more cabbage, leeks or another vegetable of your choice if you prefer. Continue Reading

Easy Christmas Gammon

This is a great dish to pop in the slow cooker for guests coming round as it’ll serve several people and still leave plenty of leftover meat, which is delicious served with Bubble and Squeak cakes, chutneys and even cheese. You can also use the leftovers to make the Gammon and Vegetable Gratin / Pie. Continue Reading

Fruity Stuffing Parcels

To save time, you can make the stuffing mixture in advance and freeze either in one amount, or in individual ball shapes on a baking tray covered in clingfilm. You can then defrost and wrap the bacon around them before popping in the oven when you wish to eat them! Continue Reading

Veggie Christmas Plait

This is a delicious plait which is perfect for when you have guests popping round! To up the festive-feel, you could add a spread of cranberry sauce over the pastry before spooning your vegetables down the middle. To save you time, you could make the filling in advance and keep in the fridge until you are ready to make your plait. Continue Reading

Sausage Star Puffs

This is a tasty way of using up some leftover turkey meat, or any meat you’ve had over Christmas! If you have any of the filling mixture left over, you can roll into balls and bake them at the same time, or you could freeze and use when you have some leftover pastry in the future! Continue Reading

Festive French Toast Rolls

This is a delicious breakfast treat which you could batch cook in advance to make your mornings over the festive season that little bit easier. You could also serve this as a delicious dessert with a caramel sauce or a sprinkling of icing sugar! Continue Reading

Indulgent Christmas Morning Breakfast

This is a lovely and rich indulgent breakfast, perfect for the whole family to enjoy as a treat on Christmas morning! You could serve this to your baby de-constructed so that they can explore each part of the meal individually or combine as suggested. Continue Reading