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I am Natalie, the creator of Baby Led Weaning Cookbook. As well as Annabelle, who is six, I also have beautiful twin boys, Oliver and Alexander, who are under almost two, and I am married to my lovely husband, Steve. Life is never dull!⠀

When I was first weaning my eldest daughter Annabelle (who had CMPA), I really struggled to find recipes for the whole family that took into account her dietary needs, but were still delicious, and didn’t have a high number of expensive ingredients. It was my main driver for developing my Baby Led Weaning Cookbook app. This then led to me getting the bug, and going on to develop my Slow Cooker, Fussy Toddler and Lunchbox apps quickly after!

I get such a kick out of developing recipes that aren’t just for babies, but for the whole family- to encourage that social time to eat together, learn from each other, share a love of eating good food, cooked with love- and a bit of tiredness!

My DM’s are open on social media, and I’m always happy to chat all these weaning, no such thing as a stupid question!

Thank you all for your ongoing support, sharing of the apps and shouting about what we do here, it honestly never goes unnoticed or appreciated.

Natalie x

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