About Me

I’m Natalie wife and mother to my beautiful little girl Annabelle.

I have always had a passion for cooking but have been far too busy (lazy!) to ever take it seriously, however when I became a mother for the first time food suddenly became extremely important to me, I wanted to be as healthy as I could be during my pregnancy and at six months of age teach my daughter that she can fuel her body in a healthy yet exceptionally tasty way!

A local NCT course convinced me that baby led weaning is beyond doubt the best way to wean and once I got started I was amazed at how exciting Annabelle and I found it, I got the baking bug and starting trying every suitable recipe I could find (thanks Pinterest!), I then began adjusting recipes to improve them, make them naughtier for special occasions or healthier for every day consumption. I also had to make some simple adjustments to ingredients because Annabelle suffers with a cow milk allergy.

After spending hours on end tweaking recipes and writing them up in my little notebook I thought it would be a lovely idea to share them with other mums who would like to go the baby-led waning route and prove that other cows milk allergy suffers can have as much fun with food as any other BLW baby!

I hope you enjoy the recipes, your feedback is always welcome.


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