7 Day Parent & Baby Meal Plan


Breakfast: Thick Porridge with maple syrup and blueberries (click for recipe)

Lunch: Ham and cheese toastie

Dinner: Shepherd pie (click for recipe)


Breakfast: Blueberry Muffin (click for recipe)

Lunch: Cheese and apple tortillas (click for recipe) and choice of fruit

Dinner: Jacket potato with tuna (mixed with sweetcorn and natural full fat yogurt)


Breakfast: Toast Fingers and choice of fruit

Lunch: Tuna and cheese melt

Dinner: Meatballs and penne pasta (recipe coming soon!)


Breakfast: Thick Porridge with maple syrup and strawberries (click for recipe)

Lunch: Scrambled egg on toast with sliced cherry tomotoes/ cheese slices

Dinner: Turkey Pasta Bake (click for recipe)


Breakfast: Fried egg on toast with pear slices

Lunch: Turkey and cranberry sandwich & choice of fruit

Dinner: Burgers and sweet potato fries with salad


Breakfast: Eggy bread with choice of fruit

Lunch: Avacado on toast/ sliced banana and cheese

Dinner: Chicken Rosti (click for recipe)


Breakfast: Scotch pancakes with nutella topped with your choice of banana or mixed berries (click for recipe)

Lunch: Pate on toast & baked pears with cinnamon (click for recipe)

Dinner: Chicken Bake (click for recipe)