Creme Fraiche and Cucumber Dip

A delicious and super healthy dip for bread or vegetable sticks, this would also be delicious in sandwiches or wraps. Continue Reading

Fruity Stuffing Parcels

To save time, you can make the stuffing mixture in advance and freeze either in one amount, or in individual ball shapes on a baking tray covered in clingfilm. You can then defrost and wrap the bacon around them before popping in the oven when you wish to eat them! Continue Reading

Time Saving Tomato Sauce

This super speedy tomato sauce is perfect when time is short! Continue Reading

Peanut Butter Wraps

This is our Monday morning snack, that also ends up being lunch because Annabelle is simply too tired for a larger lunch after her swimming lesson – I have tried and it was an epic fail. I am usually in a hurry, so she normally has this with some extra fruit (usually strawberries because they are her favourite). Continue Reading

Sourdough Pear Melt

I made this melt for lunchtime when I was at a loose end with very little in the kitchen but some bread and over-ripe fruit. It’s very simple, but so yummy. Annabelle adores it and I’m a big fan too…because feeding mummy is important as well! Continue Reading

Veggie Packed Pizza

This delicious veggie tortilla pizza is a life-saver when you need a healthy meal in record time.   Continue Reading

Strawberry Scones

These super yummy scones are one of my favourite foods to eat with Annabelle, I love scones but this healthier version takes away that guilt of butter, butter and more butter! Continue Reading

Timesaving Tortilla Pizza

This deliciously simple meal is great for those evenings when you are simply too frazzled to cook a complex meal. Continue Reading

Peanut Butter Soldiers

Super easy and very healthy! [paypal_donation_button] Continue Reading

Super Simple Tomato Pasta

This simple yet delicious tomato pasta dish is a staple in our household as it’s so quick to prepare. It’s lovely with grated cheese sprinkled over the top. For adults, it is also delicious with some chopped chorizo, but I would refrain from adding this to your little one’s portion because processed meat is not recommended for babies under 12 months of age. Continue Reading