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Over the past 12 months I have developed over 150 quick and easy BLW recipes designed for us busy mums and dads and an army of over 50,000 followers. I know that during this time you and I have both grown to love our slow cookers and often wonder what we would do without them, so from your feedback I have developed over 50 new slow-cook recipes and put them into this handy app that you can ping open whenever you need some slow cook inspiration.

Every other month you can expect the app to be updated with 8-10 brand new recipes, most of which are what I call ‘dump and go’ recipes which make life with a baby or toddler SO much easier.

All recipes have been taste tested by my 17 month old daughter Annabelle before being published and been prepared by myself in 15 minutes or less.

I really hope you enjoy this app as much as I have enjoyed creating it!

Natalie x

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