How should I store your recipes?

Store the recipes in the fridge for no longer than two days.

I don’t have a set of cups, how do I measure ingredients?

I highly recommend using cups, it cuts the prep time in half at least! I have been told that they can be purchased very cheaply in the pound shop or they can be purchased from retailers such as John Lewis. If you do not want to invest in a set of cups you can simply use a coffee cup/mug.

Gram/ml measurements have been included in all new recipes since October 2016 and I will be slowly updating all old recipes.

If you would like to convert measurements a conversion chart can be found on my website here: https://babyledweaningcookbook.com/cup-conversions

Why do the recipes not have an age guide?

All of my recipes are suitable from 7 months+ except the few that that contain cocoa powder, these should be avoided until 12 months.

My recipes are all safe from 6 months but I do recommend following my 4 week beginners plan (found in 6-7 month section of the app) – doing this plan will ease your little one in gently and will help you identify any allergies easily.

How Do I Deal With My Fussy Eater?

Annabelle is not perfect, despite the image portrayed – she does have fussy days/off days but I have learnt some tricks that make these times a lot easier to manage. Please see below my tips below in list form:

1. No snacks at least 2 hours before mealtimes, I sometimes skip snacks and have earlier mealtimes. Snacks can destroy mealtimes if they are too close together.

2. If Annabelle is really fussy I put the ipad on CBeebies so we can watch this whilst she eats, I may get a lot of backlash for this but in desperate times it really can work!

3. If she doesn’t eat, we offer her bread, if she doesn’t want this we take the food away and don’t offer her anything else. This has taught her that she can’t always get what she wants and if she’s hungry she must eat what she’s been given.

My Baby is Always Ill and Won’t Eat – What Do I Do?

Annabelle was ill constantly when she started nursery at 13 months and this really impacted her appetite. Due to this we started offering her a multivitamin plus iron (we use this one – http://bit.ly/2jQNyS4) which has really helped to boost her immune system. We simply add the syrup to her bedtime bottle.

How Do I Defrost and Reheat Recipes

Please follow these guidelines: http://www.nhs.uk/Livewell/homehygiene/Pages/how-to-store-food-and-leftovers-safely.aspx

Do You Have Any Dairy Free Recipes?

Most of my main meals don’t contain milk, yoghurt or butter, it’s mainly my snack type recipes that do. With those I would substitute yoghurt and butter with KoKo products – KOKO is a good option as it doesn’t contain soya as lots of babies with CMPA also have a similar allergy to soya.

Where my main meals do contain yoghurt i.e. the chicken korma again I would just substitute with the alternatives.

A cheese alternative is Violife which is not great tasting on it’s own but it tastes OK in cooking.

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