Simple Pesto Toast

I am often asked for a home-made low salt pesto recipe and so finally I have created one and I think you and your little ones are going to really enjoy it. The pesto makes a delicious pasta sauce too. The bread you pick is entirely up to you - our favourites are sourdough and seeded brown. Continue Reading

Falafel Bites

These would be great served in the Veggie and Protein Packed Wrap, as they aren’t as spicy as most shop-bought ones. Feel free to add these, if you manage to have any left over! Continue Reading

Curried Chicken Strips

From the popularity of my curry recipes it's pretty clear that most babies love mild curry, therefore I have created this super simple idea. It can be served alongside cucumber, sliced cherry tomatoes or veggies for lunch or dinner. Continue Reading

Time Saving Tomato Sauce

This super speedy tomato sauce is perfect when time is short! Continue Reading

Cheesy Meatball Puffs

I have noticed that lots of babies on my Facebook page have been really enjoying my bacon, cheese and cranberry rolls so I want to create some more puff pastry recipes this year. Using Annabelle's love for meatballs, cheese and tomato sauces I have created this cheesy meatball puff creation! Continue Reading

Courgette Fritters

With just four ingredients, this fritter mixture is very easy to prepare in advance and store in the fridge until needed. Continue Reading

Chicken and Apple Burgers

I can’t think of anything more delicious than a burger sweetened with apple! I often struggle to get Annabelle to eat chicken, it’s just one of those foods that she’s never really found very exciting, but when mixed or topped with ingredients that intensify its flavour, she will go in all guns blazing! You can easily double this recipe so that you can batch freeze for an easy meal on a busy day! Continue Reading