Potato and Lentil Curry

This is a super duper easy curry to make and is delicious served with sweet pineapple chunks/rings or some sliced banana. Be brave and place directly onto your baby's highchair tray or hand to baby on a pre-loaded spoon. Continue Reading

Easter Leg of Lamb with Potatoes (slow cook recipe)

This recipe makes a super easy but utterly delicious meal for Easter Sunday lunch, lovely with some lightly steamed runner beans and asparagus. If serving for a large number, some mini sausages wrapped in bacon (for the adults) would be a lovely addition too. Continue Reading

Lentil Cottage Pie

Lentils make a fantastic vegetarian substitute for minced meat and promote good heart and digestive health. Please do not worry about the red wine, the alcohol will be burnt off during the cooking process.   Continue Reading

Cauliflower and Bean Curry

This super simple vegetarian curry is packed full of goodness - I recommend serving with chopped tomato and hard boiled egg (you will see this is what I have used to decorate the dish). Continue Reading

Tomato and Courgette Frittata

A quick and easy meal perfect for the whole family, you can prepare and store in the fridge the evening before ready for the next day. Continue Reading

Roasted Vegetable Lasagne

I am always being asked for more vegetarian meals and so here is a great one packed with rainbow of delicious vegetables. Continue Reading

Tofu Stir Fry

I have had so many requests for more vegetarian options that I really want to focus on more plant based meals which I know many of you are craving, but I also want to do it for the benefit of my family's health too. In 2017, I am committed to consuming less meat even if that means I have to use meat alternatives due to my husbands NEED for meat (maybe it's a caveman things?!) Continue Reading

Falafel Bites

These would be great served in the Veggie and Protein Packed Wrap, as they aren’t as spicy as most shop-bought ones. Feel free to add these, if you manage to have any left over! Continue Reading

Curried Chicken Strips

From the popularity of my curry recipes it's pretty clear that most babies love mild curry, therefore I have created this super simple idea. It can be served alongside cucumber, sliced cherry tomatoes or veggies for lunch or dinner. Continue Reading

Time Saving Tomato Sauce

This super speedy tomato sauce is perfect when time is short! Continue Reading