Beginners 4 week plan + BLW Tips

Week 1

  1. Steamed carrot sticks
  2. Steamed broccoli
  3. Steamed cauliflower
  4. Mashed potato made with unsalted butter – give to baby on a loaded spoon.
  5. Sweet potato wedges (no herbs)
  6. Steamed celery sticks
  7. Roasted aubergine sticks (roast in olive oil for 30 mins)

Week 2:

  1. Roasted courgette sticks (Roast in olive oil for 30 minutes)
  2. Green beans (steamed for 25 mins)
  3. Mashed butternut squash – give to baby on a loaded spoon
  4. Mashed potato served on a loaded spoon with steamed carrot sticks
  5. Mushed peas served on a loaded spoon with steamed Cauliflower and Broccoli
  6. Steamed celery sticks with steamed apple (steam for 4 mins)
  7. Steamed carrot sticks with toast and steamed apple

Week 3:

  1. Mashed potato with green beans and over ripe pear
  2. Toast with melted cheese and steamed apple sprinkled with cinnamon
  3. Sweet potato wedges and mango slices
  4. Toast soldiers, sticks of mild cheese and steamed apples
  5. Bread topped with grated apple and sprinkled with cheese – grilled until melted – served in sticks
  6. Sweet Potato wedges, roasted courgette and cooked fusilli Pasta with grated Cheese
  7. Eggy Bread sprinkled with cinnamon

Week 4:

  1. Mushed Banana served on a loaded spoon with steamed Celery sticks and Cauliflower
  2. Strips of Chicken, Cheese sticks and overripe Pear
  3. Roasted sweet red pepper, courgette and aubergine.
  4. Plain yogurt mixed with fruit puree – served loaded onto a spoon
  5. Mashed avocado on toast
  6. Strips of beef, mashed butternut squash and steamed apple
  7. Β Mango slices, mashed banana on toasted, cheese sticks


  1. Buy frozen veg and cook in microwave – saves time and money!
  2. Fruit can be cooked in the microwave too
  3. Always have pears in the house – they are a super easy go to!
  4. Your baby wont actually eat anything to begin with and that’s fine – it will take months but will be so worth it in the end – at the start its all about baby exploring different tastes and textures
  5. Invest in an overall bib with sleeves – put baby it in from day 1 so they get use to it
  6. The overall will be too big to start with so ensure baby has a bib on underneath
  7. Put baby in highchair a month before you start to get him/her use to it
  8. Starting in a bumbo seat is fine
  9. Invest in surface wipes
  10. Invest in a splash mat
  11. Be prepared for mess but try to see it as your baby having messy play time every day
  12. Always have baby wipes to hand
  13. Don’t stress
  14. Cook food when baby is asleep so your not in a mad dash
  15. Don’t feed baby at set times, feed him/her when it suits you in the day – this can be at different times every day to start with
  16. Try to feed baby in-between milk feeds or just after so they are not hungry
  17. Don’t try baby with solids if they are tired
  18. Don’t give your baby honey – use maple syrup instead
  19. Don’t feed your baby fromage frais they have more sugar than a chocolate bar!
  20. Try to find a local NCT weaning course they cost about Β£30 and are a great help