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Cheese, Olive and Roasted Pepper Muffins

Another delicious savory muffin - perfect for picnic lunches! I find the supermarkets own cream cheeses are just as good as the branded versions and much, much cheaper.   Continue Reading

Cauliflower and Pea Nibbles

I know lots of you love my Broccoli and Spinach Bite recipe, so I have taken that idea and adapted it to create these moorish Cauliflower and Pea Nibbles. To create each nibble I poured a heaped tablespoon of the mix into a scone cutter and packed it down with the back of a teaspoon  - I found this method a lot easier than trying to shape them with my hands. If you have a fan assisted oven please reduce cooking temp. to 170°C Continue Reading

Goats Cheese, Kale and Yellow Pepper Muffins

I'm super excited to be focusing my attention back to snacks and in-particular healthy, vegetable based snacks - with my savoury cheese and courgette muffins being one of my most popular creations I hope you will like this cheese, kale and yellow pepper version just as much, if not a tiny bit more!       Continue Reading

Strawberries and Cream Smiley Face Cake!

To make this yummy cake you will need an Mini EasyMat: http://amzn.to/2h3lSa9 I hope you enjoy this creation, I've had a great time going out of my comfort zone on this and hope to continue working on more 'special occasion' party treats for you!   Continue Reading

Salmon Rice Cakes

Yummy little rice cakes, perfect for little hands. See 'additional info' under recipe for rice shortcut and alternative baking method. Continue Reading

Potato and Lentil Curry

This is a super duper easy curry to make and is delicious served with sweet pineapple chunks/rings or some sliced banana. Be brave and place directly onto your baby's highchair tray or hand to baby on a pre-loaded spoon. Continue Reading

Lentil, Sweetcorn and Carrot Bites

After many requests for more vegetable based snacks here is a brand new idea for you! Some adaption ideas would be to replace carrot for parsnip, sweet potato or butternut squash. You could also omit cheese if it's not desired or replace it with 2 tablespoons of Parmesan cheese. I have served with a simple salad consisting of diced new potatoes, finely diced sun-dried tomatoes, peas and sweetcorn.   Continue Reading

Baked Cheese and Onion Balls

These balls are super delicious, you can jazz them up in lots of different ways with extra diced veggies or meat! I haven't offered them to Annabelle with ham yet but I already know that would be her dream combination! Another idea if your short of time and need a quick meal is to stop at the mash stage and stir in some extra cooked meat and serve on a pre-loaded spoon.   Continue Reading

Easter Leg of Lamb with Potatoes (slow cook recipe)

This recipe makes a super easy but utterly delicious meal for Easter Sunday lunch, lovely with some lightly steamed runner beans and asparagus. If serving for a large number, some mini sausages wrapped in bacon (for the adults) would be a lovely addition too. Continue Reading

Sweet Potato Cakes

These delicious sweet potato cakes make a super lunch for newbies as they are so easy to handle. I would recommend starting with two eggs and if you find the mix is not shaping well and falling apart then stir in another whisked egg. You could make these even sweeter with the addition of some raisins and half a mashed banana - if you do this then you definitely won't need a third egg! For a more savoury option you could add two handfuls of finely diced raw veg - if you do this then you ... Continue Reading