5 posts from day 21/05/2016

Apricot Cookies

These delicious chewy cookies are a perfect snack for when your out and about enjoying quality time with your little one. Continue Reading

Banana and Date Loaf

This is a delicious loaf made with all natural sugars and coconut oil.   Continue Reading

Slow Cooked Beef Ragu

A heavenly dish - lovely topped with a large sprinkling of cheese! Continue Reading

Lunch in 3 minutes flat!

I thought of this lunch idea when Annabelle ate half of my panini during a trip to Leeds Castle. This recipe came about not only because she enjoyed it, but because I thought it would be the perfect lunch: it is more interesting than your bog-standard sandwich, yet can still be prepared in advance. Perfect for busy mums on the go and their babies! I make these in batches of two, wrap them in foil and store them in the fridge, ready for placing in the grill for 3 minutes the next day. You can ... Continue Reading

Teething Soup

When Annabelle’s teeth started emerging (one after the other!) feeding times became a bit of a battle, but luckily I kept a stash of this soup in the freezer for days when her sore gums couldn’t face solid food. Continue Reading