2 posts from day 19/03/2016

20 Minute Baked Omelette

This meal really is a 'dump and run' (yes I have made many of you laugh with this term when I used it previously and no I didn't even realise how disgusted it sounded until you pointed it out :/ but... the term just sums it exactly what these meals are and my goodness do us busy mums need these in our hectic lives... who honestly has a baby patient enough to sit whilst you stand keeping an eye on a hot frying pan (certainly not me!) So forgive my crudeness and give this a whirl! Continue Reading

Allergy Free Chocolate Cake (Dairy & Egg Free)

I get lots of mums asking me for dairy and egg free recipes, so whilst I use oil and yogurt in most of my sweet treats and the yogurt can be replaced for dairy free alternatives they do all still contain eggs. This new dairy and egg free batter I have discovered has so many possible variations, which I plan to explore and share with you throughout the year. Continue Reading