5 posts from day 24/01/2016

Mini Porridge Bakes

These are simply delicious - I love them especially because you can a create a batch with so many variable toppings your bub can have a different flavor every day of the week. They work well for breakfast or as a snack - they would also be lovely packed into a lunch box. Like my mini pancake recipe I feel they work well because they look so pretty - I know being pretty isn't important nutrition wise but it does help entice bub to try it.   Continue Reading

Mixed Berry & Oat Loaf

I hadn't planned this loaf, if I'm honest it was an attempt to calm down after an argument with hubby - it turns out I can be quite creative with a hot head. After it was baked and I had a slice with a nice hot cup of tea I felt much better and calm was restored in our little rabbit hole cottage (far to small to raise a child!) Anyway I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as me and Belle and remember when you feel stressed, angry, like the world is ending you always have cake!   Continue Reading

Turkey Pasta Bake

This was the first meal we ate when we got home from the birthing center after having Annabelle. Although it was a challenge to eat, as Annabelle’s reflux meant that she couldn’t be put down, I really enjoyed it, so it became a staple in our home!     Continue Reading

Crispy Parsnip Chips

In a bid to be healthier and of course pack as many veggies into Annabelle's diet as possible I am trying to switch carbs for veggies - Annabelle and I have enjoyed carrot fries with lots of meals recently but for a change I decided to try parsnip fries and I'm glad I did because they are delicious and most importantly they went down well with Annabelle too. I think the sweetness really helps as she sure does have one heck of a sweet tooth inherited from her mum... Continue Reading

Annabelle’s Chicken Korma

I posted a photograph of Annabelle enjoying this chicken korma on Facebook & Instagram and have had so many requests for the recipe. When I took the photo Annabelle was eating leftovers I had frozen so I will take some pretty photographs next time I make a batch. I make this chicken korma in my slow cooker but to make it in a conventional oven I would suggest using a large casserole dish and cooking for 40mins at 200 degrees. However this is only using my best judgement so please ensure ... Continue Reading