6 posts from day 18/01/2016

Tropical Peach Muffins

These moist muffins with delicious peach chunks and tropical granola really transport me back to the summer when Annabelle was a tiny little newborn... happy (tiring) days! :) Continue Reading

Mixed Berry Muffins

These are the best muffins I've made to date, I think using vanilla yogurt instead of plain and frozen berries instead of fresh have really upped the moisture. I really had to stop myself from eating the whole lot and had to remind myself that they were for Annabelle... naughty mummy!   Continue Reading

Sweet Potato Wedges

Sweet and adorable. Excellent for BLW beginners! We have these with burgers, chilli, breaded chicken or simply on their own as a yummy, healthy snack.   [paypal_donation_button] Continue Reading

Peanut Butter Wraps

This is our Monday morning snack, that also ends up being lunch because Annabelle is simply too tired for a larger lunch after her swimming lesson – I have tried and it was an epic fail. I am usually in a hurry, so she normally has this with some extra fruit (usually strawberries because they are her favourite). Continue Reading

Simple Shepherds Pie

Hearty and wholesome is how I would describe this shepherd’s pie. Annabelle adores anything with mince, so this meal is a sure-fire winner! The cheese in this recipe is optional, but I personally find it makes it irresistible! Continue Reading

Sourdough Pear Melt

I made this melt for lunchtime when I was at a loose end with very little in the kitchen but some bread and over-ripe fruit. It’s very simple, but so yummy. Annabelle adores it and I’m a big fan too…because feeding mummy is important as well! Continue Reading