4 posts from day 13/01/2016

Mini Cranberry and Bacon Rostis

I am really into rostis at the moment, the main reason being that both Annabelle and I love them. She really enjoys picking up the pieces that fall off as she’s munching, showing off her very impressive pincer grip! Continue Reading

Veggie Packed Pizza

This delicious veggie tortilla pizza is a life-saver when you need a healthy meal in record time.   Continue Reading

Strawberry Scones

These super yummy scones are one of my favourite foods to eat with Annabelle, I love scones but this healthier version takes away that guilt of butter, butter and more butter! Continue Reading

Sweet Potato Brownies

I am not going to lie and try to convince you that these brownies are as good as conventional brownies but if like me you are looking for your children to eat as healthily as possible without feeling like they are missing out then this recipe is ideal.  These sweet, fruity brownies contain no flour or sugar so they really are up there on the health score and ideal for babies like Annabelle who have a cows milk allergy! I hope you enjoy them as much as we do! [paypal_donation_button] Continue Reading